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About Me

Kristen Bujnowski

I am just your average opportunity seeking Canadian girl who always dreamed of earning the right to rep the maple leaf on the world stage.   After trying for years it was pretty clear to my friends and family that it just wasn't meant to be.  I lost faith and quit sport -  but two years later I couldn't quit the feeling that my journey wasn't over.  

Three testing camps later I was named a Breakman on the 2017 Canadian Women's Bobsleigh Team.  A short four months after and I was named to the 2018 Canadian Olympic Team. 

It has been a wild adventure - my life has done a complete 180.  Less than a year ago I was sitting in a cubicle Googling late entry speed and power sports and counting down the minutes till 4pm (so I could head to the gym).  Now I have moved across the country to train full time and live the high performance athlete life I have literally always dreamed of.  

Want to know more? Lets connect!

Random things about me that may or may not be interesting:

  • Grew up on a farm in Mount Brydges, Ontario

  • Studied Mechanical Engineering concurrently with Kinseiology at the University of Western Ontario

  • Did Track for 3 years and Rowing for 2 at UWO

  • Made articfical limbs for 2 years and worked as an engineer for 1

  • Lover of all things Crossfit (summer goal = handstand walk)

  • HUGE Harry Potter nerd

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